Enchanting hand made Castles to let your little gem’s imaginations soar to fantasy lands with mystical characters, where play has never been so full of inspiration!

Give your child their very own 16 square feet of fantasy real estate !!

Provide your child with a space in your home or garden for imaginative play and you will see them transform into different characters, each with its own story to tell.

It's so important to encourage role play as it helps them to develop and make sense of the world. They can experiment with decision making and improve their social skills all in the comfortable and safe environment of their own four walls. We also believe imaginative play is a great way for children to relax and unwind from their busy lives. In our world today, it seems as if we get caught up in being busy and forget to have fun. We wholeheartedly believe that kids should be allowed to be kids! Encouraging our children to play and have fun will develop healthy connections and choices in life.

Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, spare rooms and conservatories, in fact anywhere you can fit the footprint .

Visit our options page where 
can customise / personalise the finish of your castle upon request to let your little one become a Fairy Princess, a Knight of the Round Table, a Ghost Hunter or the next young Witch or Wizard.  

Please click here to link to our Castles page where you can view available properties.

To order, simply go to our contact page and fill in the contact form with the details of what you would like to purchase. Payment should then be made via the Paypal Link at the bottom of this page to info@playtimecastles.co.uk. If you would prefer to pay by Bank Transfer details are available upon request. 

 A personalised Title Deed is included with every Castle purchased.

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